Enterprise Studies

Enterprise Analysis and Transformation Studies

The Concept Exploration & Refinement Study: Final Report was produced for the NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and delivered by a team of MIT researchers and the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (September 15, 2005.)  This was one of several Constellation Exploration Studies commissioned by NASA to define the space system architecture for missions within the inner solar system.  I led a team of postdoctoral and graduate student researchers to develop analysis of the enterprise stakeholders and value delivery to them.  The analysis resulted in a report section and recommendations, but also conference presentations, journal publications, and follow-on student theses that developed an approach to assessing value delivery in complex multi-stakeholder systems.

 US Army Materiel Enterprise (ME) Transformation Plan (May 2009) was the output of a series of Enterprise Strategic Analysis for Transformation (ESAT) workshops I lead during the winter of 2009.  The plan was created by the team participating in the workshops, accepted by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)) and the Commanding General of the US Army Materiel Command (CG/AMC).  The effort was instigated by the US Army Chief of Staff to create an Enterprise management construct in the Army and the plan forms the basis for on-going improvement efforts in the form of enterprise-level lean six-sigma projects within the ME.

 US Army System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) Strategy and Implementation Plan (September 2009) was the result of a modified Enterprise Strategic Analysis for Transformation (ESAT) process to help the Office of the United States Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)) create a capability to perform engineering analysis of systems of systems to provide direction and guidance for senior leaders during weapon system acquisition reviews and resource allocation decisions.  I heavily modified the ESAT process to address the specific challenges posed by an organizational entity that did not exist or have precedent.  I lead the MIT and Army team of facilitators to conduct the workshops to gather data and conduct the analysis leading to the design and specification of the new organization construct.  I was the lead author on the Strategy and Implementation Plan provided to the US Army, which included a summary of the goals, objectives, key initiatives, processes, and measures to be used by the new SoSE organization.

 US Department of Defense (DoD) Strategic Management Plan (SMP) document drafts (2011 and 2012) were produced as a result of a study for the DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) to develop and evolve the Department’s strategic planning and performance management constructs for its business systems, as well as identify areas for improvement.  I led the team of MIT researchers who worked with the DCMO to perform an enterprise analysis and to help integrate and align strategic planning across the Offices of the Secretary and Undersecretaries of Defense, Defense Agencies, and Military Departments.  The scope of this study included linkages to national military strategy, the DoD annual budget, and DoD performance management systems.  In addition to the SMP drafts, our analysis included an assessment of the state of performance management in the DoD and recommendations to the DCMO for a number of DoD-level enterprise transformation initiatives.


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